When I was writing my lesson plans, all I could recall from English class in high school were the amount of books we had to read, discuss and write essays about.

What the hell else did we DO?


I had a media teacher in high school who was so flexible with a lot of her assessment and class that a lot of the students ended up roaming around the school instead of staying in class. Needless to say, this didn’t go down so well with the principle because after all, it was a private school. Sometimes I like to think that they purposely make things difficult just to live up to the private school stereotypes.

The most ridiculous and obnoxious thing that happened to me in high school?

Teacher: Christine, why is your hair brown?
Me: Uh… because I dyed it?
Teacher: I don’t like it. You’re not supposed to dye your hair. Dye it back to black by tomorrow.

Talk about unreasonable.

And PLEASE. It wasn’t even that brown. It was as if my mom were white with blond hair and my father were an Asian man with black hair and they made me and out I came with rich brown, beautiful hair.